Alhamdulillaaaaaaaahh it’s Friday

Alhamdulillah.. oh thank you ALLAH, for blessing “the King of the day”.. yeah it’s today, ’cause today is Friday..!!!

I do love Friday, of course today is so special, because in my religion, Friday is the King of the day, and if we send “sholawat” to our dear prophet Muhammad, saw. our “sholawat” will come to him directly.. Allahumma sholli ala muhammad wa alaa alii muhammad..

Today, is so special for “Muslim” because they do the “Jum’at prayer” and they gathered in the mosque together.. What a very beautiful day.. All the muslim can get silaturahim together.

And for me it’s become so special because I can spend my time with my new little family, as a housewife of course. ^_~


About Elitha Wijaya

A simple woman with an extraordinary life. Love traveling, planting, cooking, reading, writing and also taking a picture.. :)
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