Is this the last for me..?

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Is this the last for me..? Is this the last for me..? Is this the last for me..?

that question come and come again to my head..

So if this is the last, what I’ve done?

Is it good things or bad things I’ve ever done?

Is this my last breath?

Is this my last day?

Is this my last night?

Is this my last foods and drinks?

Is this my last clothes?

Is this my last smile?

Is this my last hope?

Well.. after all.. I hope this is not my last hope..

because I’m really hope that

I can take another breath for another kindness that I can give..

I can see the sunrise again, seeing it gives me another strength to move on..

I can see the moon in the sky, seeing it gives me serenity..

I can eat kinds of foods and drinks to give me energy to do some activity..

I can wear kinds of clothes that makes me warm..

I can smile every day so I can give happiness for others..

I hope this is not the last for me.. but if this is the last..

I hope I’ve already given all the best in my life that I’ve ever made..

oh thank you Allah..


About Elitha Wijaya

A simple woman with an extraordinary life. Love traveling, planting, cooking, reading, writing and also taking a picture.. :)
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