Say sorry for the miscommunication.. Hard to do.. Fiiuuuhh..

Well just know I’ve a little bit miscommunication with my sister, I hate it. We decided to buy kinds of materials for our cakes. We hope that we can enjoy the cakes on Idul Fithri, the day after tomorrow. But before going to the market, I went to my old friend’s house, I decided to go there ’cause I’m really miss her. Then at 10 am at my friend’s house, I text my sister, asked her about our plan, but she did not replay me. In another place my sister do the same thing to me, she also text me, but in fact I did not accept her text, so I went home at 10.30. I was really shocked when I’m home she get angry with me. Grrrrrrrrrggghhhhh… Why she had to be so mad like that to me, I think we can still go shopping. But ’cause she still in “a head of fire” and I also loose my mood, so I decided not to go anywhere, just brows news and articles.. The plan’s is over now.. No other planning to do.. Know, it’s time for me to say sorry.. I think she’s not mad anymore.. fiiiuuhh…


About Elitha Wijaya

A simple woman with an extraordinary life. Love traveling, planting, cooking, reading, writing and also taking a picture.. :)
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