Oh Allah..

An example of Allāh written in simple Arabic c...

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oh Allah.. I’m the selfish one who need a time to cover my pain..
oh Allah.. I’m the lonely one with a tears drops all over her face again..

oh Allah.. please don’t leave me alone..
oh Allah.. please don’t let my heart to be a stone..

oh Allah.. I need Your arm to be strong..
oh Allah..  I need Your light so I can go straight..

oh Allah.. please tell me if I do wrong..
oh Allah.. please help me if I’m falling down..

oh Allah..

*Ka’bah.. one day I’ll be there with my lovely family.. aamiiiinn 🙂


About Elitha Wijaya

A simple woman with an extraordinary life. Love traveling, planting, cooking, reading, writing and also taking a picture.. :)
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