Who motivate you the most?

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I’m sitting in my room, seeing through the window while hearing the drops of water falls on to my pond that stick with my room’s wall in front of my house. I don’t have any idea what to write about, because this is my first note. I’ve brows some news and articles but I don’t have any idea what to read about on my first note and finally after I open my twitter and again seeking for the news finally I got an amazing video that shared by Stephenfry on a YouTube, you can see it here

That video gave me an idea, what to write about in this note. Who motivate you the most? ’cause the dots will make the pattern of your life. Well, have you watch the video before? If you haven’t watch it, it’s better for you to watch it first. For me, it gave me so many lessons to be brave to move forward to face my future. Like Mr. Steve Jobs said in his commencement, he tells us about connecting the “dots” and in my thought we collect all the dots we have every time we breath. We only know him as CEO of Apple, one of the greatest company in US, but I do believe that most of us don’t know about his past. Knowing his past by browsing from Google amaze me, what a great man he was. And again, I remember about his speech  “of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forwards when I was in college, but it was very-very clear looking backwards ten years later. Again you can’t connect the dots looking forwards, you can only connect them looking backwards. It will give you confident to follow your heart.” Wow.. by connecting the dots and looking it backward, we will see the pattern of life that we’ve made. For the second and third story, you can watched it from the video 🙂

“making an apple by connecting the dots”

Okay, now have you watch it? If you haven’t watch it, again I persuade you to watch it. After  watched that video, I have  a very big question in my head. Who is the one that motivated him in connecting the dots of his life to keep him moving forward? who is the most one? and for me, who is the one that motivate me so that I can face my future? For me, I’ve already found my answer, yeah, the one who motivate me the most is my “Mom”. Yes, she is “Super Mom”, I can’t write down a sentence to tell you about. She is the most most most person that I love in this world. She always be the one for me, After Allah and Rasulullah saw. and of course after My Mom is my Dad. Yup, I hope my Dad wouldn’t be jealous to my Mom. I miss you Dad, I love both of you till the end.. 🙂

“me n my angel”

What about you? Who motivate you the most in connecting the dots of your life?


About Elitha Wijaya

A simple woman with an extraordinary life. Love traveling, planting, cooking, reading, writing and also taking a picture.. :)
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